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Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis, Ed. S, LPC


Jessica Davis is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Psychometrist who believes in the power of change and individuality. By aiding and encouraging clients using an acceptance and commitment approach along with multiple CBT approaches, she creates a comfortable setting for those eager to embrace their thoughts and feelings. Jessica provides testing and assessments ranging from Autism to Personality Disorders. With an extensive background in Psychology, Psychometry, and Marriage and Family Counseling, Jessica has spent many years understanding the mind and behavioral health through various experiences—as a tool to assist clients in overcoming their struggles. Jessica is passionate about mental health, self-development, and advocating for the voiceless. In a time where mental health therapy seems to be taboo, she hopes to bring a little more to the table. In her spare time, you can find Jessica traveling and enjoying watersports. 

Our Services

Killebrew Psychological Services

Through Killebrew Psychological Services, created in 2016, Killebrew works with doctoral-level and LPC-eligible students by supervising them and offering them an opportunity to practice evidence-based therapies and psychological assessment

administration. She currently has six students training in DBT and prolonged exposure therapy and psychological assessments.  In her private practice, Killebrew does pre-surgical evaluations, testing for posttraumatic stress disorder and full psychological assessments for all personality and mood disorders. Some of the tests she provides are:

• Personality Testing

• Intelligence Testing

• Achievement Testing

• ADHD testing 

• Pre-surgical Evaluations

• Fitness for duty evaluations 

Essential Touchstones

Essential Touchstones is an Intensive Outpatient Program centered on adolescents who struggle with co-occurring mental health issues. 


Our services are provided by doctorate-level, master’s-level, licensed or provisionally-licensed clinicians.


We offer complete outpatient and prevention treatment programs through several evidence-based therapeutic