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Sharon Showalter

Sharon Showalter


A dedicated professional with a “lifetime of experience,” Sharon is a firm advocate of the philosophy that a balanced life is a touchstone to recovery to attain self actualization and is essential to maintain a life of wellness. She encourages others to seek their personal pathway to healing and will accompany you on your journey to Self Discovery. Upon completing the Mississippi Professional Core Addiction program, she became an addiction counselor and was the Spirituality Life Coordinator at COPAC/The Ranch Ms., a nationally recognized comprehensive treatment center for chemical dependency and process addiction for adults. She is known nationally for her work as facilitator of the Family Care Program. She consults for intervention and continues to work with families before and after treatment.  

She has a strong background in 12-step modalities and maintains a client base for relapse prevention. She has over twenty years of experience in the field of addiction. Her focus on spirituality and spiritual counseling was fostered by her ordination in 1987 as a minister through Agape International. As a Life Coach, she is licensed professional teaching the philosophies of Louise Hay, author of “You

Can Heal Your Life” of Hay House Publishing. 

She is also a licensed workshop leader. She is an enthusiastic motivational speaker and group facilitator. 

Certified through Mississippi Reiki, she is a Reiki Master Teacher practitioner utilizing this modality for relaxation and to promote emotional healing. She nurtures the development of inner skills like affirmations, visualizations, guided imagery and encourages meditation and self realization. She is a student of the teachings of Paramahansa

Yogananda, founder of Self Realization Fellowship. While studying her Native American roots using ancient practices

and methods which enlarged her personal spiritual growth, she offers energy work, shamanic journeying, drum circles, extrusion of intrusive energies, cleansings, clearings and ceremonial blessings for individuals and groups. She endorses the benefits of sweat lodges, vision quests, nature walks and labyrinths. Through The Grief Institute, she is a certified Recovery Method Loss and Grief Specialist, providing an action program resulting in a recovery

plan for the emotional impact of loss for moving beyond death, divorce, and other losses including health, career, and faith.  She is a member of INELDA, and is as an End of

Life Doula serving as companion and coach, transforming the way people experience death and offering support for “conscious dying with dignity”.  She advocates and practices the lighthearted “way of love” with wit, wisdom and willful work and believes that anything is achievable.