Nourishing the Whole Self with Cynthia A. Newland’s Wellness Consults

by | Nov 16, 2023

In a world that often compartmentalizes health into physical, mental, and spiritual categories, Cynthia A. Newland’s holistic approach to wellness is a breath of fresh air. At Killebrew Psychological Services, we are thrilled to feature Cynthia and her wellness consults that embody the unity of body, soul, and spirit.

 Cynthia A. Newland: A Maestro of Movement and Healing

With an illustrious MFA in Dance from Arizona State University and a BFA from George Mason University, Cynthia has spent nearly three decades inspiring individuals through the art of movement. Her expertise is not just in dance but in fostering well-being through creative expression.

 The Art of Inclusive Dance

Cynthia’s commitment to inclusive dance has seen her choreograph for both abled and disabled individuals, promoting a message of unity and capability. Her work transcends barriers, embodying the idea that dance—and wellness—is for everyone.

 Wellness Consults: A Unique Blend of Art and Healing

Cynthia’s consults are not your typical health sessions. They are an amalgamation of her vast experience in the performing arts and her passion for nurturing holistic health. “Nourishing the Body, Soul, and Spirit” isn’t just a tagline; it’s a philosophy that she brings to life through her consults.

What to Expect in a Wellness Consult with Cynthia:

– Personalized Movement Regimens: Tailored to your physical capabilities, these regimens are designed to enhance mobility, strength, and well-being.

– Creative Expression: Cynthia encourages the use of artistic outlets as a means of emotional and spiritual expression.

– Holistic Health Strategies: Drawing from her diverse background, she offers strategies that enrich one’s lifestyle, considering nutritional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

– A Supportive and Inclusive Environment: Her sessions are safe spaces where all individuals, regardless of ability, can explore and grow.

 Join Cynthia’s Wellness Revolution

If you’re looking to enrich your life with a regimen that respects and unites all aspects of your being, Cynthia’s wellness consults are the answer. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or new to the concept of movement therapy, you’ll find value in her unique approach to health and well-being.