Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child have to miss school?

Group therapy sessions begin at 4 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Our individual therapy, family therapy, and peer support sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the patient’s and counselor’s schedules.

For example:
If a patient gets out of school at 2:30 pm every day, their schedule may be made as follows:

If a patient gets out of school at 3:30 pm every day, their schedule may be made as follows:

What if my child has to miss a few days of group sessions?

Groups may be made up by an extension of the discharge date. The 10-week program is made up of 30 group therapy sessions. We determine discharge from the program after those 30 sessions are completed.

For example: If a child is scheduled to discharge on Monday, January 1st, but missed 3 group
sessions, their new discharge date is Monday, January 8th.

My child already has an individual therapist. Do they have to stop seeing them while they are in the program?

Yes, patients in the IOP will need to see a therapist at our office while they are in the program. However, we will refer your child back to their previous therapist after they are discharged.

How can my child be admitted into the program?

All patients must have an intake assessment appointment with our IOP Coordinator, Karla Andress, LPC. During this session, Karla will assess whether or not the program will benefit the patient and create a treatment plan for their clinical needs.

Is this program for substance abuse or mental health?

Both! Patients experiencing either may be deemed fit for the program.

How many kids are in a group?

Each group may have a minimum of 3 patients and a maximum of 12 patients.

Is there a designated start date for the program?

The outpatient program is open enrollment. Every start and end date is subject to the individual patient.

How long is the admission process?

To get started in the program, patients must schedule an Intake Assessment with our IOP Coordinator, Karla Andress. After this session is complete and the patient is deemed suitable for the program, they will be admitted into the program.

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