Introducing Trauma-informed Medical MASSAGE THERAPY

by | Jan 19, 2023

Essential Touchstones is now accepting self-pay patients for Medical Therapeutic Massage with Mrs. Brenda Hayes.
Brenda has experience helping patients engage resilience through trauma-informed body work. She works with each patient to build trauma awareness while building safety and trust through collaborative connection and strength-based body work.

Brenda is a licensed massage therapist with training in medical massage. Trauma-informed massage therapy is a tool that can help patients heal from adverse events in childhood and adult trauma.

Trauma can be due to direct individual experience. That trauma can also be systemic, or intergenerational in nature. Trauma hugely impacts the body and mind. It can affect a person’s memory and brain development, sense of safety, ability to ask for help and voice preferences, as well as diminish one’s capacity to regulate emotions and experience trust in relationships.

Experiencing trauma can also lessen a person’s comfort in interacting with healthcare providers. Considering the prevalence of trauma and its wide-reaching impacts, we can understand how important it is for a massage therapist to apply the principles of trauma-informed practice in their sessions.

If you’re looking for trauma-informed massage therapy, please consult your mental health professionals and give us a call at 769-231-9414 today.