Alyssa Killebrew

Dr. Alyssa Killebrew

Dr. Killebrew is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (No. 54-946), a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. 

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (B.S.) from Belmont University in Nashville, TN after studying business for three years at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Killebrew

began her professional career in 2002 at Region VI Mental Health Center (Life Help) in Greenwood, where she worked as the manager of the alcohol and drug prevention services and as a counselor in the main center for seven years. In 2005, she earned a Master’s degree of Education (M.Ed.) in Community Counseling from Delta State University.  In 2008, she obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology from Jackson State

University and completed a residency at Valley Mental Health in Salt Lake City, Utah. She completed her post-doctoral year with the Mississippi Department of Corrections, where she was the Mental Health Director of the Youthful Offender Unit. She started her private practice, Killebrew Psychological Services, LLC, in 2016, focusing her services primarily on mood disorders, PTSD, addiction and personality disorders. She specializes in Biofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Prolonged Exposure, and Modified Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). 

Our Services

Killebrew Psychological Services

Through Killebrew Psychological Services, created in 2016, Killebrew works with doctoral-level and LPC-eligible students by supervising them and offering them an opportunity to practice evidence-based therapies and psychological assessment

administration. She currently has six students training in DBT and prolonged exposure therapy and psychological assessments.  In her private practice, Killebrew does pre-surgical evaluations, testing for posttraumatic stress disorder and full psychological assessments for all personality and mood disorders. Some of the tests she provides are:

• Personality Testing

• Intelligence Testing

• Achievement Testing

• ADHD testing 

• Pre-surgical Evaluations

• Fitness for duty evaluations 

Essential Touchstones

Essential Touchstones is an Intensive Outpatient Program centered on adolescents who struggle with co-occurring mental health issues. 


Our services are provided by doctorate-level, master’s-level, licensed or provisionally-licensed clinicians.


We offer complete outpatient and prevention treatment programs through several evidence-based therapeutic